MiniTool Partition Wizard 8

  • Convert NTFS to FAT.
  • GPT Disk and MBR Disk interconversion.
  • Copy Dynamic disk volume.
  • Copy UEFI boot disk.
  • Convert GPT-style Dynamic Disk to Basic.
  • Move Boot/System volume for Dynamic Disk.

Windows server partition resize

As we all know, Windows Server Operating System is based on the Windows NT 3.1 released in 1993. Till now, Microsoft has released several Windows Server Operating Systems such as:

Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 (1993)
Microsoft Windows NT 3.5 (1994)
Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 (1995)
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (1996)
Microsoft Windows 2000 (Windows NT 5.0) (1999)
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (Windows NT 5.2) (2003)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (Windows NT 7.0) (2008)

But these advanced server system is developed on the basis of Windows NT 3.1 released in 1993. Windows NT 3.1 was released in August, 1993. Common users can hardly get a clear idea about the name. What is NT? A variant of Windows 3.1? NT equals to NET?

Actually, Windows NT 3.1 is not derived or improved version. Windows NT 3.1n was the mile stone in the IT development field. If Windows 3.x was the system with glorious fame in 1990s, Windows NT 3.1 is the corner stone with well incubation. But, at that time, Windows 3.x systems did not gain that much attention.

Windows server partition resize

NT is short for New Technology. Probably, Microsoft also could not use one word to express the revolution in Windows systems, so it used such a subtle word. This is a completely new system. Only the user interface looks a like with that of Windows 3.1. Other things are quite different with that of Windows 3.1. So it has almost no relations with Windows 3.1.Windows NT 3.1 is firstly integrating the applications on the basis of advanced business server(client machine) with desktop operating systems. This innovation was too advanced at that time, so most people thought it was a waste of time, as the using range of computer was very limited. In addition, the performance of hardware was also not very reliable. All these features would limit the performance of Windows NT server. But time shows that this innovation is really a great course.

Windows NT 3.1 has made a big progress in different aspects such as security, performance, stability and so on. It can support Network – domain service security system, OS/2 and POSIX sub – systems and so on, as well as the new file system NTFS.

Windows NT 3.1 is mainly for enterprise uses, while Windows 3.1 is for personal use. They are two different systems for different users. This condition lasts till now.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition, developed by our company, is a professional partition management software that works perfectly well with all Windows server with the systems of Windows NT 4.0 or above, such as Windows Server NT4.0/2000/2003/2008. Moreover, this server partition software can also support 64 bit server systems with multiple advanced disk management functions such as Resize Server Partition, Move Server Partition, Copy Server Partition and much more.


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